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part time work or about £12000 nett per year


I'm thinking of becoming a driving inxtructor and this sounds like a brilliant site. My initial questions are

1.  is it possible to comfortably make about £12000 or so per year?

2. Which is better, working for a school or doing a franchise (going it alone?)

3 how long does it take before earnings start and what would I expect to pay meanwhile?


14-10-04 15:22:56

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Re: part time work or about £12000 nett per year

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Re: part time work or about £12000 nett per year

yep no problem to earn 12k net fulltime personally if you can aford a car and advitising costs then i would go it alone. but its what ever suits you but consider competion and weather the will be a high demand end of the day there will always plenty of work for very good adis. it can take wks depends were you live ask a few local adis

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Re: part time work or about £12000 nett per year

hi JCD

Wow, a load of questions !!
Looking for a good training school is a bit of a minefield. This forum seems to discuss BSM / Instuctor College & LDC. Personally I trained with Passmasters and if only I had known then what I know now.
There are a few basic 'rules' that you should look out for before embarking on ANY training course. you also need good impartial advice, not salesman talk. If you would like to have a chat then email me first.


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