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#1 22-09-04 11:33:45


RPG Hazard Perception Test

I scored 75/75 in Hazard Perception section of my ADI part 1! Now, there's no way my HP is perfect as this test would incorrectly testify.
Like anything that involves "click'n'play", there's a technique and it comes straight from Sierra's RPG, Half-Life , as demonstrated by my son, who also scored full marks on his recent Learner Theory test. If you click compulsively and rhythmically your gun jams, so short bursts of 3 clicks or so every few seconds works.  Adapting for the HP test, it seems that experienced drivers can actually precede the scoring window. Remedy: lay down "cover fire" by clicking 3 times, waiting a moment and clicking a further 3 times. Further sporadic clicks are okay as you see a potential hazard. Clicking in a group of 3 if you see it develop. You can safely get 3/4 of the way across the screen with flags and just watch your score transform!
Hazard perceivers or game geeks ... ?
Maybe the nice new examining company will catch on and change the software ... but until they do...

22-09-04 11:33:45

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Re: RPG Hazard Perception Test

#2 22-09-04 20:17:39


Re: RPG Hazard Perception Test

Well done!
Very brave to actually click like that in the test itself as the DSA, in its infinite wisdom, don't release actual details of what is considered as 'cheating'!
It's certainly true, though, that to get a good score you need to click more often than every few seconds - on every clip I had at least 3/4 of the bottom of the screen covered in flags and I got 65/75.
Still think it's a damn silly test, mind!

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