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Terms and Conditions

I was wondering what things are mentioned in your Terms and Conditions you give your pupils? The obvious things that spring to mind are cancellation policy, what happens if under the influence of drink/drugs (ie lesson cancelled) but what other things should be in it? Also, do driving schools normally give you copies to give to your pupils or is it up to individual instructors to come up with their own ones and print them off to give to their pupils?


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Re: Terms and Conditions

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Re: Terms and Conditions

I have the usual T&C's re cancellations, reserving the right to withdraw training car if pupil books a test without your knowledge or consent, you cannot be held responsible for cancellations of lessons if instructor sick or mechanical breakdown.
But in addition to the usual ones I have added three more...
1. The one you mentioned about the instructor suspecting drink/drugs.
2. The puplil must notify you if provisional licence is revoked or receives penalty points (not sure where I stand legally there with data protection issues but I am covering myself in case pupil is caught driving without licence)
3. and lastly, the pupil must notify you if there is any change to his/her health which may affect their ability to drive.

I have my six T&C's printed on the reverse of my appointment cards and I verbally bring them to their attention on the first lesson and again they are mentioned in my starter pack.

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