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#1 29-08-04 01:33:53


Rover 25

Do you use a Rover 25?

If so, tell us what you think about the car...

Pro's and cons of using the car for instruction.

What model do you use? (Eg. 1.4 Diesel)

How much does it cost to run?

29-08-04 01:33:53

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Re: Rover 25

#2 17-10-04 16:31:47

Steve Draper

Re: Rover 25

The Instructor College uses the Rover 25 1.6 as a training car. All the PDIs I trained with had similar views on it.
- you can't see the pupil's feet at all, you have to watch the knee to get a clue what they are up to.
- the engine has very little torque, and stalls horribly easily. You have to keep the revs really high, and make a lot of noise, to reverse up even a slight slope. This isn't in keeping with the wood trimmed ambience inside the car.
- surprising things are missed out, like grab handles above the doors.
- there's very little space in the back

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