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#1 28-01-06 14:01:49


Failed on thursday

Took my test thursday n failed  :x

ended up being told to turn right at the lights, and due to alot of traffic i had to give way to a dust cart which resulted in me stuck to the left blocking all the traffic behind me from goin left or straight on. I would have moved forward but i thought if there's 2 cars in front of you, you have to wait behind the line. But then again there was enough room for 1 more car to move forward and i didnt assess the situation very well i guess. Wat a stupid thing to be failed on.

Anyway, next test booked for 10th march @ goodmayes.

28-01-06 14:01:49

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Re: Failed on thursday

#2 28-01-06 15:38:35

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Re: Failed on thursday

Hi antyc,
don't let it get you down... you'll nail it next time I'm sure. 
Good luck for the 10th March and let us know how your getting on - if you need any help/advice just ask, there's plenty of people on here only too willing to help you out.   smile

Carry on Donkey -  you're going the right way for a smacked bottom!


#3 28-01-06 18:45:03


Re: Failed on thursday

So sorry to hear your result. how many faults did you get total.

Without being there i cant quite see the situation you're seeing. I can't tell if you should have been positioned to the right more or moved forward etc. What was the serious marked under? Forward planning?

Great to hear you've booked up again. Good luck and if you need any help or advice you know where we are wink

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Re: Failed on thursday

I'm sorry you didn't pass. Good luck for the next 1.

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Re: Failed on thursday

By the way, the serious was marked under Traffic Lights and i got 9 faults. neutral

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