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Franchise or No Franchise


I'm currently working under a franchise scheme and thinking of starting out under my own name.  Has anyone any tips they have come across which I may have missed ?  Also does anyone consider it better to remain under a franchise scheme - and if so - which is best ?




06-03-04 20:39:44

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Re: Franchise or No Franchise

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Re: Franchise or No Franchise

Hi dan.
It all depends on what you feel comfotable with,the franchise can offer security and pupils when you need it, also a car which you pay through the nose for.Where as an independant there is no security and you have to advertise or get recomendations for your pupils.the plus side what some adis pay a week in franchise fees i can buy a good car for.i have heard some fees are as high as £230 a week in my area.and as low as £80 with there own car.If you can take you pupils with you thats half the battle.

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Re: Franchise or No Franchise

Hi Dan and welcome aboard

If you do decide to go it alone, think very carefully about the timing of when you set up.

I'm sure you know what I mean, there are peak periods and slack periods in this game.

If you already have a full diary, and intend to keep your pupils, then that's not so much of an issue.

Whatever you decide good luck!

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