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#1 14-06-05 21:20:54


Mini reverse light

Does anyone know how to change the bulb in the reverse light of a mark 1 bmw mini (the reverse light is in the bumper)?

14-06-05 21:20:54

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Re: Mini reverse light

#2 14-06-05 21:35:28

From: W Sussex
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Re: Mini reverse light

You could get rid of it and buy a REAL mini pre 1978 - then you won't have any reverse lights!!
or, less unhelpfully, try the owners manual or a haynes manual if there is one for this car (there must be by now). Usually its a case of prising off or unscrewing the front or back of the light and replacing the bulb, making sure you dont touch the glass with yer greasy mitts at any point.
Failing that call your local BMW garage and ask them!


#3 05-01-06 14:35:42

From: Scarborough
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Re: Mini reverse light

I had that problem with my first (2001) Mini, I gave up in the end and took it to the BMW garage.

It ended up not being the blub in the end but the reversing switch.

But sorry no I never did learn how to get the damm thing out. I believe it just pulls out, you can't get at it from behind!

Oh if you are taking it out yourself be careful not to damage the paint.


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