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#1 28-11-05 14:17:10


3rd time lucky???

hey cant belive i failed again! :cry: so dissapointed i had four minors but yet again messed up on a round about, i just cannot seem to get them, i majorly let nerves get the better of me again. the examiner said that it was a lovely drive its just a shame i made that mistake. however my new instructor is gonna give me 2 hours on roundabouts to see if we can get it sorted. hopefully better luck next time. i didnt wanna take another test but my mum forced me to!! so if i fail the next one im giving up!!!  :evil:  so cross wit myself!!

28-11-05 14:17:10

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Re: 3rd time lucky???

#2 28-11-05 14:25:00

From: Wales
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Re: 3rd time lucky???

No! Don't give up! It may seem like you'll never get there at the moment but you will some day! Try to put this test behind you.

Sorry you failed! Better luck next time! Keep at it!



#3 28-11-05 14:40:11

From: Kent
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Re: 3rd time lucky???

Do not give up wink you can do this no matter how much it seems like you can't at this moment. I know it feels crummy to fail 3 times (see sig) but you can do it or your ADI would never had let you go to test wink Hang on in there, book another and solidier on. I mean 4minors is fabulous. don't get cross with yourself as you have said nerves played a part. did you try anything to calm them? I tried rescue remedy for my last one and it didn't totally take them away but it took a bit of the edge ff them  lol  wink Keep trying, as you get more confident in yourself nerves go away a tiny bit more too (i found) wink

You will get that pink licence soon wink

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Re: 3rd time lucky???

ive already spoken to you jess. But dont you dare give up youre a lovely little driver!!! you will do this. good luck with your new instructor and your nedxt test. you will do it!! lol

#5 29-11-05 20:19:29

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Re: 3rd time lucky???

Hi jessie, sorry to hear you didnt make it this time but please dont give up. I think you will be more cross with yourself if you do.
Maybe it would be an idea for you to take a short break from driving then go back to it fresh....i take it theres no way you could continue your lessons with your old adi?
Sounds like you did a very good over all drive and now all you need to do is iron out those roundabouts, so you go for sure you will do well. I also think you would KICK yourself if you didnt continue now. wink
Good luck to you...and think of the day you can drive your own car around...yeehhaaaa big_smile


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