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keith milhench
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Role play check test

Hi People,
               i had my first check test a couple of weeks ago. I opted for a role play one because a friend of mine had a couple of disastrous check tests using pupils and i thought it might be easier because i didnt mind part 3.... (ahem)... too much  :shock:

I panicked a bit coming up to it because my answering machine has 2 settings. One where you can leave a message and one where you cant. Guess which one it was on! I was waiting for the examiner to tell me my subject or leave me a message stating it, but found out later he couldnt, so i didnt find out till we were in the car that we were to be doing 'junctions'. Gulp :!:

Generally it went well. I will definately choose a role play again, even though he really made me work. The beauty of role play is that, unlike a pupil, once youve corrected one mistake he moves onto the next. I think i only stopped talking for about 30 seconds and only blinked twice for the whole hour.

That friend of mine said his puils were correcting their faults, not repeating them, and hardly making any more, leaving him with not much to say.

I scored 'a very respectable 4, almost a 5' he said. The reason he didnt give me the 5 is because i over instructed. If id used a bit more Q & A instead i would have got it. I knew that was my weak area, trained for it and yet under pressure on the CT i wasnt quite good enough. My advice to you all there is if you know your weak area really train to correct it as much as you can. Its not enough to just think ' oh yeah, i'll have to remember not to...(whatever)'

In summary:
1. choose a role play.
2. train hard for it
3. make sure your answering machine is set properly

Good luck


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Re: Role play check test

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Re: Role play check test

Is it not true the beauty of this career is to teach (educate) drivers,regardless wheather you thought it would have been easier choosing Role Play rather than a pupil.Would you not have had better satisfaction  with a REAL pupil.Just an observation!

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Re: Role play check test

The examiner will always give you many more opportunities to demonstrate your knowlege and skills at transferring that knowlege than a REAL pupil would. Therefore while the actual role play CT is NOT that easy, the ability to obtain a satisfactory result IS easier, due to the increased opportunities he presents. This now gives me more satisfaction knowing that im teaching my pupils to a very good standard, because he was worse than they are!
I also must point out that, presumably for that very reason, (i heard that) one day all CT's will be role play.

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