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I qualified as an ADI last January and only recently joined this forum.  I am interested in persuing some form of CPD but to be honest I don't really know what. My early impressions of our profession is that everything is left to the individual other than the check test which the DSA control, my first is on 28th Nov. I have recently joined the DIA and am also a member of the MSA and see that some courses are offered. I would be grateful for any advice or comments.


11-11-05 10:22:29

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Hi Mike

Stand by for a variety of responses!

As an ADI you are passionate about driving and teaching are you not?

So with CPD, which is personal as well as professional, it is down to you to decide which area(s) of your skills you now wish to develop.

If it is driving - I would suggest the RoSPA test. Go for gold. If it is teaching - I would plump for the Diploma in Driving Instruction. Details on the DIA web site.

Or why not do both?

But others will disagree.



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Depends entirely why you want to do CPD.

Is it to improve your teaching skills, or  the operation of your business,   or just  to be a certificate collector.

As you are a relative newbie your driving should be OK.
With the driving courses bear in mind that doing them now will not count towards the CPD being introduced for ADIs, so it might be better to wait until the decisions have been made as to  how and what will be of value in counting towards the CPD for your licence.

That also applies to the other CPD courses currently being advertised, so don't be taken in by any  false claims.

Consider what is going to actually HELP  and improve you.   Look carefully at the content and ask yourself what you will gain from it.

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