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Trainee License - any recommended local schools? Twickenham

Hi all,

I'm looking to take up a trainee license and get some in-car experience behind me, to prepare me for my final attempt at the Part 3 exam.

Does anyone know of any local schools that they would recommend I contact regarding this, in the Twickenham & Richmond area, SW London?

On my first attempt I got a 3-3, and on hindsight was not ready.
On my second attempt I got a 3-4 - felt confident, but didn't quite make it count on the day.

Both times during the debrief, the SE recommended a trainee licence to gain some experience, something I was not keen to do initially after hearing of PDI's being taken for a ride by the driving schools and not given the support they needed.  However, not having my own car has meant that it is difficult to put it all into practise, and am therefore looking to the trainee license to help out here.

Any nuggets of wisdom or recommendations would be appreciated!

19-10-05 16:06:37

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Re: Trainee License - any recommended local schools? Twickenham

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Re: Trainee License - any recommended local schools? Twickenham

Do you really need a trainee licence? Good trainining will get results.
My last trainee achieved a grade 5 and a 6 last week and my previous one the week before two grade 5's neither had a trainee licence.

Best of luck

John Curtin


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