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Important Question - Moving to the UK

Hello from germany...

Im moving to the UK in like 2 months and I was planning to start off with making my drivers license over there. However I do not have a german drivers license and now I wanted to know if its possible that as soon as I arrive in the UK that I can apply for a provisional drivers license and sign up with some driving school. Or do I have to wait like 6 months before I can do that? Im planning to stay here for the next years and if everything works out fine I might stay forever but since I need to get a job as soon as Im in the UK I would like to have a drivers license anytime soon. Are there any restrictions for EU citiziens? Your help is really appreciated because if Im not able to get a drivers license in the UK as soon as I arrive (eg. If I would have to wait 6months to apply for a provisional drivers license as a foreigner) I probably would try to get my drivers license here in germany eventho it costs almost twice as much here.....Thats my main question but I have a few more questions but they are not as important as the other one  big_smile

Im going to move to stockton-on-tees and If anybody knows some cheap driving schools there please post some links or telephone numbers...also I would like to know how many driving lessons do you have to do by the in germany you will have to do 12 Practial lessons and 14 theory lessons and now Im kinda confused because I have vistied some driving school websites and they offered like a 40hour block etc....whats this all about? Are both the practial and theory lessons included in those 40hours? If I know how to drive a car can I take less then 40hours? Im driving here on a private property around with my brothers car to get used to driving so Incase you are not forced to have 40hours that I can make my practial test sooner.....

Sorry this long post and all these questions but I just want to make sure I get everything straight before I go to the UK and then I cant get a drivers license and that I have enough money left.

Thanks in advance

06-07-04 04:33:56

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Re: Important Question - Moving to the UK

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Re: Important Question - Moving to the UK

Hi LilRob

You need to have been resident in the UK for 6 out of the past 12 months to be able to apply for a UK provisional!

If you already had an EU license, then you would be able to exchange it for a UK license once you'd made the decision to stay!

40 hours tuition is the average that learner drivers require in the UK to attain practicle driving test standard. However there's no legal minimum number of hours required at present.

If you're looking at passing quickly and are able to do this before leaving Germany, my advise is to take your test over there, because average waiting times across the UK for a practicle driving test is somewhere in the region of 20 weeks, and that's after you've passed your theory test!

Hope this helps!

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