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Time limits for the different training parts??

Hi! Like many others on here I'm considering training to become an ADI. I started asking questions on this forum a few months back and the answers really helped to asure me that I'm doing the right thing, I'm looking for a job I'll really enjoy and get satisfaction from, plus being a car enthusiast all my life being an ADI would be ideal.

Anyways when I first started asking a few months back I was working as a "Technician" at a Bowling Alley (maintanence and repair of machines) and was earning £10,000 a year, not really getting much satisfaction. However my head of department unexpectidly quit on health grounds last week and I was offered the job as head of department, which I accepted straight away!! I've been given a pay rise of around £3000, but I'm also enjoying the job a bit more as I feel I can use my brain a bit more!

However, I still really fancy becoming an ADI but i feel I should really stick it out in my new role for a while (i'm only 21 so have time on my side!). My question is, how long after passing is say the part one qualification valid?? I'd like to train to become an ADI so that in a couple of years or whenever I can leave my current employment and take up teaching. I've read a fair bit about the possibilty of self learning to get the part one and I'd like to start that fairly soon.

Any advice??

Cheers!  big_smile


28-06-04 14:00:22

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Re: Time limits for the different training parts??

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Re: Time limits for the different training parts??

HI Matt
You have two years to qualify from the date you pass part one. smile

Always look on the bright side of life.


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