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How I chose the right company for me

3 years ago I decided to become a driving instructor and with so many companies to choose from it was important for me to do loads of research.  In the end I drew up a list of important factors for me which I've listed below:

Competitive price
Unlimited training
Ordit registered instructor trainers
Company car including tax, insurance, breakdown cover etc

and finally but probably most importantly was not being tied in to a Franchise fee or contract.

My advice is to do your research properly and see as many companies as possible.

After much deliberating I chose PASSMASTERS and certainly wasn't disappointed.   Even though I had to wait for the exams I still completed them all on first go and within 6 months (studying on a part-time basis) I was a fully qualified ADI.

Hope this helps.

06-03-04 18:36:21

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Re: How I chose the right company for me

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Re: How I chose the right company for me


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Re: How I chose the right company for me

Hi Alpech

I'm going for an interview with Passmasters next week and would really appreciate any information you could give me about the company.  Their brochure looks good but I'm a bit sceptical about believing everything I read as I've heard some horror stories about driving Schools!


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