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#1 18-06-04 16:51:31


OK during training - messed up tests

Before my 2nd test, my trainer thought I'd be OK to pass. He got me to slow down, stressed observation/planning, using mirrors on taking off/turns. I also just got the hang of steering when turning and handling lanes/roundabouts and he said I was OK in 2 pre-tests, if I continued like that.

Problem was the test. I frankly don't know what came over me (perhaps I was concentrating too much on the mirrors and turning parts), but I was back to driving too fast to stop at amber, sped into a roundabout and was driving too fast and too near the kerb in a country lane (clipped some bushes with my left mirror).

Now I'm thinking that I've not got what it takes and I was so confident of passing yesterday. Has anyone had this sudden 'faul't come back after it was corrected.

I've got some more lessons planned for next week.

Any advice would be welcome. I don't want to give up 'cause I enjoy driving.



18-06-04 16:51:31

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Re: OK during training - messed up tests

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Re: OK during training - messed up tests

Sorry about the test, but yes, this is fairly common. Faults that  we have struggled to put right, due to the stress of the test re emerge.  Don't give up, keep practicing.  The more you practice the correct way, the less likely you are to do it wrong on the test.  Good luck for the next one.

Midge  -   Dip D.I.


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