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Private discussion board for learners

Please only take part in this poll if you are learning to drive!

We're considering setting up a private discussion forum for learner drivers. If this goes ahead, apart from the admin team, the only people to have access to it will be learner drivers themselves.

The idea is to give you the chance to discuss your experiences good and bad with other people that are learning to drive, without feeling silly about it.

Most of the people that I've taught in the past, have all said that, the worst part of learning is not having anyone else to talk to, who is also learning.

So please take part and let us know what you think!

In order that we can keep you informed of this and other things that we set up purely for learner drivers please take the time to join our learners group.

09-06-04 13:24:37

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Re: Private discussion board for learners

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Re: Private discussion board for learners


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Re: Private discussion board for learners

yes, plus you's would get more members lol lol

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