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#1 13-06-04 10:10:10


2nd TEST

i already managed to geta cancellation for 2 weeks time! but its at 9.30 in da morning, ive never driven that early before lol  :shock: But im so nervous now i dont want to fail, and i know i sound silly because ppl tAKE 4 or more tests and i dotn know what they must feel but the first time i didnt know what i was geting and now i know what its like to fail its gunna be an even bigger blow next time. How the hell do people pass first time! lol it seems they are so picky these days, ive got a friend who passed first time who wont even get ina car shes so scared of them! LOL


13-06-04 10:10:10

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Re: 2nd TEST

#2 13-06-04 12:31:23


Re: 2nd TEST


Just a thought, but how about asking your instructor - or even a different one - for a mock test?

At the advice of one of the other instructors on this forum, I tried an assessment lesson with a different instructor after I'd failed.  He said there was nothing about my driving an examiner would object to.  He also very kindly went over my test report and gave me a lot of useful hints and tips, but added "this is just silly stuff" and most of what was on there shouldn't get in the way of a pass.  I found it very helpful, and may ask him for a mock test before the next test I get.

Let us know how you get on.

All the best,


#3 13-06-04 19:45:46


Re: 2nd TEST


Good luck with your test, don't worry about driving that early in the morning the vampires etc have all retired by then lol

The time of day shouldn't make any difference to the way you drive, if you're really concerned about it, ask your instructor if you can arrange a lesson around this time of day. At least then you'll have a good idea of what the traffic conditions are like at that time of day, but honestly it won't be a problem wink

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