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#1 04-03-04 14:24:52


driving school

Is there a driving school that cater for people with physical disabilities in the north London Area? My righ leg was amputated recently and now more than ever i need to learn how to drive. I'd be interested to learn to drive an automatic, and i do not require any adaptations.
But the driving school need to be wheelchair accessible. Thank you


04-03-04 14:24:52

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Re: driving school

#2 04-03-04 15:59:01


Re: driving school

Personaly I can't assist but I'd have thought most schools that teach autos would be able to.

Most driving 'schools' don't realy have a school building as such, they'll just pick you up from home / work / wherever assist you to get into the car and shove any wheelchair or other stuff in the boot.

Hope that makes you feel better about the options avalible to you.

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