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PDA - software

Are there any PDA/Smartphone users out there that maintain their diary using something like O2's XDA2?  I would think it ideal to capture an image of client for their profile (using in-built camera), maintain full working diary that can be synchronised with an outlook diary (shared with a franchisor) or using GPRS and in-built web browser maintain an online web-based diary owned by the franchisor (allows you to both input appointments without making double bookings).  You could keep a full progress of your students (again, this could be online) - plus its a bluetooth phone and a camera for those minor accidents.

As a technical consultant - I was thinking how to get my wife to be most efficient in her business, and see if I could sort something like this out.  What do you think?  Is there software like this out there in the market.  If it was available, would you buy it?  Would you pay for a subscription service (think hotmail/yahoo mail web service from your phone/PDA).   If its web based, you could get customers to make bookings and make payments themselves online...

Let me know what you think.

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26-05-04 14:15:43

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Re: PDA - software

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