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Reversing Round a Corner

I know this may sound daft as I have been driving 7 years but after passing my Part 1 I am now onto the stage of learning to drive all over again.  I hadn't realised how slack I had gotten.

Anyway reversing round a corner on the left I don't have a problem with but can someone explain the reversing on the right?

Do I sound really thick :oops:

Thanks Nats


26-05-04 14:00:55

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Re: Reversing Round a Corner

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Re: Reversing Round a Corner

The reverse right is unusual but many driving books do cover it.
1. find a road on the right
2. park on the right just past it
3 reverse into it going a fair way back as you'll nedd to get to the correct side of the road before you can exit the road
4. move off
5 get to the correct side of the road and turn left or right as per normal

NB. the above explanation is just the very basics. You still need loads of observation, conrtol etc etc

HTH if not be a little more specific in your question.

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