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Help, I've been stung on my training!!

Hi there,
I hope someone can give me some advice.  I have just finished training with a large company in Tolworth and whilst their instructors are good, I feel that their Part 3 training is extremely poor.  I feel that I could have passed Parts 1 & 2 on my own and they only dedicate 16 45 minute sessions to Part 3 which is nowhere near enough.  I am now having to find training elsewhere and pay out more money sad .  You have been warned - make sure you look into your training properly -I thought I had!!

Anyway I am now looking at getting my Trainee licence through Martins of Farnborough to teach at evenings and weekends as I work during the week and feel it is too much of a risk to leave! Also they will do some training for my Part 3.  Is there anyone out there who can give me any info on this company and also recommend any other trainers in Guildford.  I have met the guy who runs Martins who is very committed and has a positive attitude toward the whole thing but I am so worried about getting stung again!

Please help!


26-05-04 13:39:51

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Re: Help, I've been stung on my training!!

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Re: Help, I've been stung on my training!!

the large company in Tolworth is the same company my wife is training with.  She has been very unhappy with the support she recieved, particularly in arranging convenient times for training (I have to say they did accomodate an extended period of illness she had).  Neither the office nor the tutors appear willing to help with booking slots.  There seems to be too few tutors as you need to book far in advance.  She felt ill prepared for her part II as a result, and I had to help her eventually to re-take the test to pass.  Some of the tutors do appear to be very good, but the organsiation as a whole seems poor and I would expect far better service for what they charge.  Now on her part 3, she has booked sessions well in advance, and we have decided to get through their training as quickly as possible, decide whether to take the test or take another part 3 course with another company.

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Re: Help, I've been stung on my training!!

Hi Vicky,
I can recomend a chap in Guildford who I trained for part 3 with. If you are serious let me know and I'll try to find out who he is (I have a very bad memoery for names but have a way I can find him again)
As for Martins, as with all bigger schools some people say good things some say bad but in general I haven't heard much bad about them and bad news travels much faster than godd so I would suggest that there OK.
PM, Email or call me 01252 404547 for any help you need / want. I don't train ADI's per say but for the cost of a few coffee's I can happily make sugestions.

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