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Let's Drive (or not!) HELP

Have recently commited myself to training with Let's Drive. Have now heard lots of negative things about them from paying a massive fee up front to taking a huge franchise fee. They aren't members of ORDIT either so will this affect how other companies view the standard of my training and teaching?  :cry: Am really worried about the training, particularly for Parts 2 & 3. If I pass will I be a qualified instructor? Can I get another company to train me for Parts 2 & 3 if Let's Drive's training is rubbish (without having to pay the new company's enrolment fee?). Any advice gratefully received.

Cheers Johnny

16-05-04 10:26:13

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Re: Let's Drive (or not!) HELP

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Re: Let's Drive (or not!) HELP

Hi Johnny,

ORDIT registration has nothing to do with your standing as a driving instructor. The exams you take are run by the Driving Standards Agency so if you pass them you will be fully qualified to the same level as any other instructor. I personally take ORDIT with a  pinch of salt. It sounds very impressive but I know of at least one registered company that gave me and other instructors atrocious service. Any serious driving school should look at you and your skills not who the company that trained you where registered with.

I must say that I have not had any particular contact with Let's Drive but hopefully one of the posters may be able to enlighten you further. The best advice I can give you is talk to your trainer and make it clear what you expect to get for your money. If you need advice on the exams please post here as there is a wealth of experience out there. You don't make it clear if you have already paid them for the training so if you haven't and you really are not happy hold on to your money and look around - you are the customer after all.

You can certainly get another company to train you but you will have to pay them. It would be like phoning up a double glazing company and saying  'The last firm messed up my windows so could you fix them for free?' You should however be able to negotiate training without having to franchise to a school if that's what you mean.

Good Luck with your training.


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Re: Let's Drive (or not!) HELP

Hi Johnny and welcome to the site!

You mention paying an enrolement fee, what exactly do you mean by this?
When I did my training all I paid for, was the training I had, and not any type of fee to register with the company I used.

Where are you located? I know of several good trainers around the country, all of which are Ordit registered, so maybe I could pass some information onto you?

If at any time during your training, you're not happy with the standard of training, you're receiving tell them how you feel. If that doesn't sort things out, there's nothing wrong with changing trainers, no 1 is going to think any worse of you.

Once qualified you don't have to take out a franchise with this school, you'll be able to set up as an independant ADI. But if you intend to take out a trainee licence, you'll need to be sponsored by a qualified ADI, and they don't have to be anything to do with the school you take your initial training with.

Hope this helps and good luck with your training. Please feel free to pose as many questions as you want, we're all really happy to offer advise and support!

Keep us informed on how things go now and in the future wink

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Re: Let's Drive (or not!) HELP

Hi Guys,
   Thanks for your replies, you've pretty much said what I thought. I think the fact that I had just handed over £2500+ and then hearing some worrying comments made me a little nervous. Since my earlier post I have received alot of positive feedback about the company from both trainees and fully qalified instructors.

When I mentioned paying the 'enrolement fee' I was refering to the training with that company. So my appologiese for the confussion. Liesa as to my location I am from Burton,so not so far from your goodself. Any information you can provide regarding trainers in my area would be much appreciated, in case the need arises.

Oh, and Morb you can be assured that I will be taking you up on the advice to post any questions I may have regarding the exams, I think I'll need it! wink

Thanks again.

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Re: Let's Drive (or not!) HELP

Personally I think that at the end of the day some people don't suit some driving schools.  I am with the Instructor College and I heard some bad things about them but I have just passed my Part 1 and am on with Part 2.

If your don't like what you hear go find out for yourself which looks like what you did.  That would be my advice with anyone.



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