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#1 22-07-05 18:44:05


Interior rear mirror fell off

It is a heavy mirror which slot into a metal bracket stuck to the front windscreen with what like a flimsy square of sellotape (15x15mm) with leopard dot pattern. I have recovered the tape, the bracket and the mirror. Should I superglue the tape to the back of the bracket than superglue the taped bracket to the windscreen? I am a little concern that if this does not work than I would leave a mess on the windscreen. I am a astounded how the mirror ever stayed up in the first place. yikes

22-07-05 18:44:05

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Re: Interior rear mirror fell off

#2 22-07-05 21:16:12

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Re: Interior rear mirror fell off

You'll need to remove the old tape and clean both mirror and screen till there spotless. Then get yourself to the dealer for the new mirror pad and stick it back on.

Don't use glue!!!!!!!!!


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Re: Interior rear mirror fell off

Thanks, will shop for it.  sad

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