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Failed Pt 2 yesterday

6 minors 1 serious (speed twice)

I was a little perplexed by the reason for the 2 minors/1 serious on speed.

In the debrief he explained that I was going too fast for the conditions/situation and then used a what if........ now to me that makes it conjecture.

What would you have do in the situation:

Driving along country road (National speed limit) around 45mph due to bends etc. Then arrive at small village with a 20mph limit and speed bumps.  A few houses on the left and right, with a school also on the left. On the right BT were digging up the pavement and blocking part of the road. On the left cars were parked half on the pavement.
Having slowed to 13/15mph on entering the zone I passed a BT transit coming in the other direction. 150/200 yrds further a blue fiesta, also coming towards me mounted the pavement, presumable to give me room.

Initially it was explain that because he mounted the pavement I was at fault for causing him to do that !!!  So what about the BT Transit that went passed with no problem ??  Not relevant. Its the Blue fiesta that I caused to have a problem. Then came what if someone had stuck and arm out of one of the cars parked on the left could you have that depends on how far away I am when they do it...No you need to be travelling at a speed to be able to stop.   So do I pass every junction where vehicle are waiting to enmerge at 1mph just in case one decides to go for it, don't think so.

What about making progress...well apparently I demonstated that adequately on the rest of the drive, so in the instance did not need to consider.

Seems a real no win to me.


20-07-05 12:13:14

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Re: Failed Pt 2 yesterday

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