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Remove D1 101 restriction?


I passed my driving test before test before January 1997 so have a D1(101) entitlement on my license.

I've recently been spending a lot of time driving a long-wheelbase 8-seat minibus, so am thinking that it might be a good time to upgrade my license to remove the 101 restriction. I've no plans right now to make use of it to driver a 16-seater, so don't have plans to take the CPC, just thought that now I'm used to driving a larger vehicle it wouldn't be a big step.

Navigating the rules seems a little complex, but I think that 1) I need to pass the 'D4' medical; 2) pass the PCV Multiple Choice (Module 1a), PCV Hazard Perception (Module 1b) and maybe the Case Study (Module 2) theory tests before taking the practical. Is this correct?

Logic would suggest that my existing restricted D1 license should mean that I don't need to apply for a D1 provisional license (my existing license should enable me to hire a 16-seater minibus for practice and the test, since I won't be driving on the test for hire or reward - and I'd rather avoid doing the test via a driving school if I can). However I've seen it suggested that isn't permitted, and that I would need to get a D1 provisional license. Can anyone point me to a definitive answer to this?

And if I do have to get a D1 provisional, would my existing D1 101 restriction remain on my license at the same time (enabling me to hire a 16-seater for practice), or be removed (meaning I couldn't)?

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04-07-17 21:14:44

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Re: Remove D1 101 restriction?

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Re: Remove D1 101 restriction?

You need to apply for a D1 provisional and sit all of the tests precisely the same as someone who passed after 1997.

Your D1 101 does not work as provisional D1 (vocational) as it was gained without having a medical. You need to complete the D2 D4 application process.

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