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Standards Check Training/Advice please


I've been an ADI for about 9 years and have had 2 previous check tests which were nerve-wracking but ok. smile

My first new standards check is booked for mid June and I was wondering if anyone could recommend from experience a good trainer who can work with me to brush up on the new style of teaching required. I've subscribed to Blaine & Louise Walsh's videos which are proving to be a great help, but I think that some one to one training may be beneficial. I live in North Yorkshire but I'm happy to travel if necessary.

Any other suggestions for resources which may help would be appreciated. Many thanks. smile


09-05-16 14:40:03

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Re: Standards Check Training/Advice please

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Re: Standards Check Training/Advice please

Study the report form and make sure you cover everything on it. You will find the vast majority of the new form is stuff you already do.  Not much different to the old check test in my opinion.


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