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Truth Time lol....

Over the years I have been doing this great job have only had 2 pupils take more than 2 goes at Test, but yesterday had a great wee lad whose girlfriend passed 1st time with me 6 weeks ago fail his 4th go.Good driver with me but tells me when ever Ex sits beside him nerves go....felt so sorry for him yesterday, I have a son too...He didnt tell his Girlfriend he was on this or the last Test.Now this is turning in to something it shouldnt with him putting himself down as thick , as he put it.I told him I would not be offended if he wanted to try a fresh set of eyes with different Instructor , he says no way as many of his school mates passed under my Tuition.
Just back from lesson with one of his chums and a breath of fresh air, brill wee driver.Kids booking his next go next week , going to really work on his confidence.So 5 attempts is my record anyone beat p.s my cousin 20 years ago got it on her 9th go.I was not an Instructor in those days.

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Re: Truth Time lol....

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