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Encouraged to drink while driving

Went to a lovely restaurant, been going there for years,
However on this particular day the chef wasn't up to standard
So I politely made a complaint to the owner of the restaurant on the same night.
He apologised and offered free drinks as a gesture of good will roll

As I was driving I asked for a coke, he was adamant that I had a shot of whiskey..

I explained to him I have a zero tolerance on alcohol while driving, especially being a driving instructor I should know better.

But he wouldn't take no for an answer, in the end I had to tell him that encouraging drink driving could land him in a lot of trouble and hoped he'd think twice before making the offer to someone else.

I'm shocked that he knew I was driving yet he still insisted on me having an alcoholic drink, I didn't of course, but goes to show you how easy it is to potentially kill someone under the influence of alcohol !

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11-05-14 22:13:40

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Re: Encouraged to drink while driving

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