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AA Franchise??

Hello everyone

my name I am currently training for my part 3 ADI with the AA. obviously I am due to have my test in july so am kken to get the ball rolling after that in the hope that I will pass first time. I am wanting to join the AA franchise but wanting to know of people experiences of joining either the full singing and dancing franchise or the mileage franchise?, so I can inform my work to my work to request part time yours or leave to run the school?



08-05-14 11:31:56

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Re: AA Franchise??

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Re: AA Franchise??

Obviously others will have different experiences, but I found the full franchise to be expensive when I first started out. I also had to travel vast distances between pupils to try and work full time. If you can source your own pupils then all well and good, but that can be difficult at first until you get your name out there and start getting recommendations.


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Re: AA Franchise??

Sourcing pupils is something that you will need to do whether you go indi or take the AA franchise. I believe the full franchise has a staged start up scheme only rising to full rate after a number of weeks. Be careful with the mileage franchise unless you do only intend to go part time, as to try and earn full time earnings on this scheme will incur hefty mileage excess fees.
Dependant on your location and catchment area you will use between 15 - 25 miles per hour of tuition.



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