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Northern Ireland "R" Plates

Here in Northern Ireland when the driving test is passed the proud student has to display a red "R" plate for 12 months.

This means that the driver is restricted to a maximum speed of 45mph during this period.

This restriction is also on "L" plate drivers,  :shock:  now this in theory is a good idea, but it does I think create some problems, especially on dual carrigways during training and when the test is passed restricting the driver to 45mph on the motorway as well.

I dont disagree with the restriction but I think a more relistic speed of at least 55mph would give the novice some sort of training at the higher speeds, it would also help to reduce the Mr (& Mrs) nastie  :twisted: approach to the "L" & "R" plate driver crawling along the M1 and the dual carrigway at 45mph.

I would be interested to hear some of your views on this restriction, I must admit, at night when I drive home on the dual carrigway my head board is removed, I dont fancy moving into the right hand lane to take my turn off at 45mph. :?

06-05-04 21:12:15

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Re: Northern Ireland "R" Plates

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Re: Northern Ireland "R" Plates


I think from a safety aspect,on the Motorway(M1)and D/C they should be allowed to travel at 60mph,or perhaps make them do Pass Plus which would allow them to do all the different speed limits. If they don't do it they stay at 45mph. Of course they would have to carry some form of proof that they have completed the course.
Other wise the Poor little mites won't know what's hit them after 12 months when they finally can do higher speeds. I would have thought that-that in itself would have created a danger.If you get my meaning :oops: .

It's late I may not be making much sence,Sorry.



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