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cpc training in glasgow or paisley

Hi all, can anyone advise me on the best cpc training in Glasgow or Paisley and would My ILA funding cover it? I have a pre 1997 licence with C1 - 7.5 tonnes and was also wondering exactly what type of course I would need to book. I would be gratefull for any help on this as I have not got a clue roll , I just found out I would need this a few months ago while looking for a new job.


17-12-13 20:27:05

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Re: cpc training in glasgow or paisley

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Re: cpc training in glasgow or paisley

GTG Training in south st whiteinch offer driver cpc training and accept ILA vouchers. As you have a pre 97 licence then you have until sept 2014 to complete 35 hours periodic training, you can choose which course you want and each course lasts 7hrs.


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Re: cpc training in glasgow or paisley

If you simply want to get the 35 hours for the cheapest outlay then find the cheapest 7 hour course and attend it 5 times = very boring but less outlay

There are literally hundreds of courses = see the JAUPT site and access courses and centres

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