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Getting back to driving

Not sure where this should be posted as I passed my test 6 years back. I had a car from a week or so after passing til last July. I haven't driven since as I was in a serious accident on the motorway. Don't remember anything about it, but not at all put off driving. Had to inform DVLA as I had a serious head injury and there was increased risk of seizures in first year. After all medical checks and a passed eyesight test I can now drive and feel more than ready to. Luckily not had any seizures.

Mainly my question is for anyone who has had over a year break from driving for whatever reason. Does driving just come back to you naturally or is there some bits you have to work on? I'm looking for a car now passed in manual not limiting myself to only driving auto or manual I'll get which ever comes along. I feel like I did before the accident in what I can do lucky I know. I remember everything I learnt about driving and also remember knowing what to do is different to being able to do it. I will start on quieter roads and see how I get on. One thing I'm wondering is will I be more likely to stall the car at start til I get used to it again? Any other things to be aware of.


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Re: Getting back to driving

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Re: Getting back to driving

If you have no underlying fear of driving then you should be fine.
Your plan sounds good and I would suggest taking a friend along for a bit of moral support.
Good luck.

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