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Any advise welcome please. I was with my current insurance company for the last few years they started quoting too much something about post code areas and the band I was in was high, so then it was much more than last year, it eventually came down by £70 still way too high. New company quoted a fair price took them up on it and sent all relevent information by recorded delivery. Checked to see it was delivered by using Royal Mail tracking service and it was delivered next day so I called insurance company to check all was okay. They said they had only some of the paperwork and not all so I thought odd as all paperwork went together and obviously some one mislaid some of it there end. They said that I could scan it over so I did and then they said that the renewal form from previous company was not proof. So after numerous calls by me not them to get it dealt with they finally had a scanned form of a NCD declaration form. Got one chap to send me a email that they had all information. Then today letter from them saying that my policy will be cancelled next Tuesday as they did not receive requested information. Called them up and they said it was sent in error and that it was okay asked for an email to confirm this nothing. Bit long winded sorry but surely they should provide me with proof. I don't want to be driving around uninsured and also I don't want to have any cancelled insurance as this is one of the first questions an insurance company asks you when you get a quote. I paid half of the money when I took out the insurance and the next half is coming out after a month which is in a few days. Next step????


25-04-13 14:59:26

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