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martin Williams
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When going into my local Spar this morning i was stopped outside by a young lad he must have been only 13 or 14 at most wanting me to buy fags for him. He had a tenner in his hand and asked 'Can you get me 20 Richmond please mister'.
Being that i was in a good mood and he said please i said okay took the tenner and into the Spar i went.
When i came out i handed him his change and said ' Sorry but they never had packs of 20 so i got you a pack of 8'. He was not to happy when i handed over a pack of 8 Richmond sausages.  smile


05-04-13 21:46:46

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Re: Cigarettes

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Re: Cigarettes

My sister smokes richmonds too.  In fact she burns almost everything she cooks.


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