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The influence of TV

Do you think that programs like "Police, Camera, Action", "Dangerous Drivers School" and even "Top Gear" encourage safe driving?  Or do they do the opposite?  I know there are others but can't remember what they are called.

Are they likely to encourage views that "Well, I'm not as bad as them?"


10-02-13 22:43:17

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Re: The influence of TV

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Re: The influence of TV

I don't think the driving population needs these TV programmes to think that.  They think that anyway, in that their view could be characterised by the assumption that bad things happen to someone else.  It's only human to think this way.
The truth is that bad things things don't just involve law breakers, boy-racers or drivers with high-powered vehicles.  All too often, they involve ordinary Jo(e) Driver.

TV is undoubtedly influential, though, which is why in the past I have taken issue with BBC and ITV for those programmes (X(tra) factor, Apprentice ...) that allow footage on our screens that show celebs and wannabes in limo's with no seat belts on).

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