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Instructor in the Plymouth area

I have started a new pupil (female) today, she lives in Bridgend but studies in Plymouth. Her mum has booked me for 10 hours which I will be carrying out over the next two weeks, she will be returning to Plymouth a week this Saturday and would like to continue lessons and probably her test in Plymouth. I have told her that I would try to identify a good instructor to continue with her lessons.

If there are any instructors from the Plymouth area who would like to take her on, I would be pleased to hear from you. I will make sure she has covered all the foundation work and she will have her progress card fully marked as to where she is on the syllabus before she starts with you.

I will also be very happy to send an email as to where she is with her progress if anyone is interested.



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02-04-12 15:28:37

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Re: Instructor in the Plymouth area

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