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Hello one and all

Hello All,

Started my training in October last year, passed my part 1 in December and have Part 2 next month (March). All going well and enjoying it.
Living in Durham so if any one is around and near  the same stage as myself or doing their part 3 and need a buddy let me know.


Part 1 Passed 24/12/2011 - 99/65  smile
Part 2 Passed 26/03/2012 - 3 minors  smile
Part 3 TBC....... neutral


22-02-12 17:03:00

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Re: Hello one and all

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Re: Hello one and all

Hello Martin, Good Luck with the remainder of your training. I'm sure if there are any questions you want answered you've come to the right place.Willy. smile

A wise man does not need advice, But, only a fool won't take it.   Miam, DIAmond Advanced Test, DIAmond Special Test.


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