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#1 13-02-12 20:30:39

neil adi
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meeting other adi`s,

Hi having just quailified last year is there any place that adi`s meet up,let their hair down ,have fun ?.
while i`m on here is it worth joining the dia .


13-02-12 20:30:39

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Re: meeting other adi`s,

#2 13-02-12 20:37:03

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From: Nr Alford, Lincolnshire
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Re: meeting other adi`s,

The DIA has just changed ownership, so ADI's are waiting see how things go.

They have been brought by an investment company, that has no history with driver training.

There are other national associations. Some represent ADI's and not there business interests.


#3 13-02-12 20:39:45

boing boing
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Re: meeting other adi`s,

Your local association may have a social secretary / organise social events.


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