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Assessing DGV(driving goods vehicle)

Can anyone tell me where i can get experience in assessing DGV,i hold the A1 assessor qualification and have 17 years lgv 1 driving  experience , but with all these qualifications means nothing as ive no experience in assessing the dgv.I was under the impression if i was competent in a  area i could assess.


03-11-11 14:50:07

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Re: Assessing DGV(driving goods vehicle)

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Re: Assessing DGV(driving goods vehicle)

All you need to do is to join a company that does these DGV assessments and they will hold your hand through it for the first few - after that you are on your own

Be careful and ask lots of questions when being interviewed by the company as many of these assessing companies leave you high and dry with expenses

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