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#1 18-10-11 12:27:40

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Hello from android

Afternoon All,

I am an ADI and DAS motorcycle instructor. I was looking for info and this site impressed me. Living in Mid-Norfolk (There be Dragons) but originally from Kent.

Broke my right leg very properly racing motorcycles (it is an incurable bikes that is) and decided to use the downtime to add Fleet qualification to my CV. 3 years and 3 operations later the leg is sorted. Having read some of the posts here, it might be difficult to make much of my new skills but it is early days, so best foot forward and all that.

Looking forward to throwing my penny's worth in to any heated debate.

I'll poke my nose into the Fleet forum. All the best.

Android. smile

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18-10-11 12:27:40

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Re: Hello from android

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Re: Hello from android

Hi, welcome to the forum. look forward to reading your contributions.

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Re: Hello from android

Hi android, welcome to the forum, and really glad your leg is healed now smile I must admit I hate bikes :oops:



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