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moving into Cycle Lanes to make Progress.

Pupil out this evening,car in front of us waiting to turn right...there was a wide enough gap for us to go through and make progress but it meant us briefly entering Cycle lane.I made sure she done proper mirror work and chin to shoulder before moving into vacant lane and getting on her way.
She told me she thought she should never ever enter a cycle lane,that it didn't feel me doubting myself but I'm sure its acceptable on Test to do this??? isn't with my normal driving I would do exactly as described,as long as double checked lane was clear and get out of the CL asap.

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12-10-11 19:24:52

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Re: moving into Cycle Lanes to make Progress.

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Re: moving into Cycle Lanes to make Progress.

It's been covered before on this forum, but if it's a broken white line you can go into the cycle lane.
And not just on test either.


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