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R plates in NI a joke now....

I have had 2-3 young pupils pass Test recently,and they have all mentioned this about the R plates for a year after they pass.Each of them because of the insurance costs have really no chance of driving a car for quite a while.Parents have priced to try and get them on the family car,no good....why don't they work it that the R plate period only starts from when the sucessful pupil gets his/her name on an insurance policy and is driving.

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26-09-11 19:43:11

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Re: R plates in NI a joke now....

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Re: R plates in NI a joke now....

No doubt the insurance companies would then refuse to drop premiums until after that probationary period has passed.
Come to that, perhaps that is what they should do anyway, require proof of actual experience before premiums reduce.


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Re: R plates in NI a joke now....

mon, not sure if you know there has been talks between local ADI associations and the minister to have the R plate laws changed amongst other changes. I heard the minister on the radio this morning talking about the new lower drink drive limits and he mentioned the R plate changes. I got the impression the 45mph restriction might be removed.

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keith williams
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Re: R plates in NI a joke now....

About time! Hopefully the changes they were consulting about earlier in the year start to be implemented sometime soon....


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