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MERIT Information Day 19 May 2005

MERIT Information Day.

Dateline: Vienna. 19 May 2005..

Congraulations to Professor Gregor Bartl,.. Dr Gerhard Bressendorf,.. Dr Willem Vanbroeckhoven,.. and their esteemed colleages, for the draft report on MERIT.

It's the Future  big_smile

How fortunate for us mortals that these eminent academics at the top of driver education in Europe were chosen to conduct the project.

If it had been left to certain people this side of the Channel, we would have taken a step back into the stone age, as they believe teaching people to drive is a doddle, it's not nuclearastronomicalcosmicphysics, I agree, but it's demanding work.

big_smile The Future's bright, not orange  lol

22-05-05 17:52:40

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Re: MERIT Information Day 19 May 2005

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