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AA drive tech

Has anyone any experience with this company?

Is the cost of their induction course worth paying out?

Is there sufficient work to cover initial out lay and on going work

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15-05-11 08:20:20

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Re: AA drive tech

#2 15-05-11 09:14:13

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Re: AA drive tech

No guarantees can be given for work although they have not been known to recruit trainers in areas where they have little prospect of offering work. But don't expect a full diary from them (or from any other fleet training company).   
In my experience they are a large, decent, professional outfit with ambitious plans.

Do you have an AA franchise of any sort?
Do you have RoSPA Gold and/or Diploma with fleet badge?
These are/have been minimum requirements of theirs.
Also, if you have vehicle entitlements on your licence over and above the norm, you will do well with them.

Like any CPD that costs you'll have to gauge their induction course in a cost-against-likely-benefit(s) way.

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