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Passed part 1 today in Worcester

Hello everyone,

I passed my theory test today after 3 weeks of practicing with the cd-roms.  Not a bad result with 98/100 and 64/75.  I agree with everyone's comments that the HPT runs slower in the test than when you practice with the cd-roms. I was worried about the amount of clicks you could make but I made several for each developing hazard and it was absolutely fine, I just didnt do them rhythmically.

Now onto training for parts 2 & 3....I am already in discussions with local trainers so hopefully will be starting soon!  So excited!!


28-04-11 18:06:51

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Re: Passed part 1 today in Worcester

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Re: Passed part 1 today in Worcester

Well done Angel22 and good luck for Parts 2 & 3

Even when things go wrong you can learn from them


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Re: Passed part 1 today in Worcester

Well done! I did a driving / teaching assessment yesterday with the school where I will be learning, enjoyable but very intense. Picked up all the books for Part 1 when I was there, wow there's a lot to get through!

Congratulations on a great result.


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