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learner driver77
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Hi,  I' m new to this forum!!

I passed my theory test 3 weeks ago and have had 14 hours of driving lessons; mixture of 2 hour lessons, 1.5 hours and some 1 hour lessons!  I'm feeling a tad deflated as my instructor has not gone beyond the local estates with me.  I feel by now that I should be on the road, as how will I learn to drive on main roads if I don't get to practice on them??

Also when a lesson is stated at either an hour or two hours, does this mean that (if in case of 1 hour lesson) that I would be driving for at least 40 minutes of that?  I feel with my instructor that time is taken at the beginning to sort out money and then 20 mins at the end to book more lessons!  Do you think I should cut my losses and practice with someone else?

I was annoyed as one lesson was booked for 2 hours and when we got to where I was to practice there was a home game on, so we drove to another place, also with a game on.  Settled for an estate to drove around.  The driving to different places to start the lesson wasted 20 minutes and the time wasn't made up for!!!

Many thanks for reading my rant!


26-10-10 22:45:58

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Re: Hi

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Re: Hi

Hi and welcome, you say you have had 14hrs of lessons and your still on local estates, I personally would have thought that you should have been driving on the main roads by now.
Have you spoken to your ADI about this??
I wouldn't have thought it would take 20 mins to sort out payment, or to sort further lesson times out.

I would look for another Instructor, but that's up to you, lets see what others think of your situation.

Best of luck.



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Re: Hi

I would stick with The instructor You know he will Only move The lessons On when You are ready to be moved on. It is much better to master the basics before moving on to more challenging tasks. I would also suggest If You change You instructor Now You will have to get used to a different car and that can really set You back along way.

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