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#1 09-05-05 21:20:50


failed my test

Failed my first test today and feeling pretty sore about it as I failed 50yards from the test centre, driving back!
silly mistake at a mini roundabout when i assumed another car to my right would be blocked by a car coming onto the roundabout from the left allowing me to go - i looked back ahead and for that split second i didn't notice the car i thought would block off the other car to my right turn off - so the examiner used his brake!  sad (hope that makes sense)
I only had 4 minors until then  smile - and was actually enjoying the test  :shock:
Hoping to get a cancellation but the earliest at the mo is the 19th of July!  :cry:

p.s this is my first post - so hi to all! and hope I put this in the right place

09-05-05 21:20:50

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Re: failed my test

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Re: failed my test

Bad luck

It just goes to show do not assume anything and concerntrate from when you turn the engine on to when you turn it off. You can obviously drive well due to your score so chin up and get yourself another test and you'll soon have that licence.

#3 09-05-05 21:25:02

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Re: failed my test

19 july that sucks!
seems like us adi trainees would probably be better off as trainee examiners if the waiting lists are like that!!
anyway sorry to hear about that, but sounds like you did really well for the rest of the test so stay confident without getting cocky and you'll be fine next time im sure
good luck


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