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Christchurch Dorset


I'm a driving instructor in Worcestershire, and have a cousin who lives in Christchurch Dorset. Could anyone please recommend a driving instructor in this area? She doesn't know anyone who is learning to drive at the moment so can't get her own recommendation. She's looked in the phone book and said there are just to many to choose from, lol.

Any recommendations greatly appreciated, please either reply or pm me, and I shall pass on the number/s.

Thank you inadvance.

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27-09-10 18:51:20

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Re: Christchurch Dorset

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Re: Christchurch Dorset

Not sure if they go as far as Christchurch but Dave Harris (dth) and Barry Kenwood are in that vicinity.  I'm not sure if Barry still comes on here though.  Sorry, not much help am I! :oops:


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