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#1 27-04-10 16:50:29

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1st Drive with Headboard...

Hi everyone,just like to get the views of other new and not so new instructors.I am still working full time,so hav'nt really got myself sorted since passing Pt3 in early March.Got Duals fitted,insurance sorted and today my rooftop box arrived.
I put it on with a certain amount of pride and put L plates up,even though I wasn't taking a pupil out,I went and done the school run.My God I was nervous ,I thought everyone was scrutinising my driving.Is it normal to feel like this and does it get easier as time goes by?

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27-04-10 16:50:29

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Re: 1st Drive with Headboard...

#2 27-04-10 19:35:35

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Re: 1st Drive with Headboard...

Yes and no (in that order!).

However, even when you drive perfectly, whatever that means, you'll still get the feeling someone thinks you're wrong.


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Re: 1st Drive with Headboard...

It's great for free advertising but you need to drive by example.  You should be doing that anyway.

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Re: 1st Drive with Headboard...

You will also find that other drivers see the roofsign, assume your going to drive everywhere at 10mph and so pull out infront of or cut in on you constantly


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