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From: milton keynes
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failed part 2 was 1st attempt.

failed it today in still feeling gutted.
was very nervous before and during the test and made mistakes not normally done.

where shall i start ?

6 errors, but 2 of them serious !

did what i thought was a good left hand reverse, all was going ok, then attempted to straighten wheels up and clipped the kerb with rear wheel.
with right hand reverse, all seemed ok to me.  went a tad wide but straightened up and all looked fine.
was later told failed both as going too fast and with kerb being clipped it sealed it.  i was just trying to get nice and close to the kerb and misjudged it.

went from luton down to harpenden and redbourne....long stretch of road with 40 mph signs, managed to keep below 40.    it seems that we then got onto a 60 mph stretch of road but i stayed at 40 ( i wasnt sure if still 40 mph and was obviously being over cautious!

eventually went onto the m1,   everything going all ok and was getting speed up to 65-70.   damn juggernaut came up in middle land got just in front of me and sat there doing 60-65 mph.   i didnt want to drop my speed in case deemed to be going too slow and kept in left hand lane.  i didnt think the space behind the hgv was big enough to drop back into as another hgv wasnt in my opinion too far behind 1st one.   increased speed to 70 mph and indicated and pulled in front of the 1st hgv......leaving plenty of room.     was already aware that examiner wanted me to come off at next junction, so had this on my mind and the expectation of my getting car up to 70 mph etc.

was later told that i should have slowed up and pulled in behind the hgv etc.
if i had been driving on my own, i would have flashed him to say he was past me and could pull into left hand lane.  didnt do this on the test because of nerves and possible bad mark for it.

another fault was at a right hand turn on a road with no road markings.   i thought it was all ok, did the manouvre with all observation and speed etc.
examiner said i was too far over to the right before turning into the right hand turn.

emergency stop - was asked to pull over and forewarned of emergency stop request coming up.   drove off for what seemed a fair way on this residential road which seemed to be curve after curve. eventually got asked to stop......i did but not as smoothly as i should....stopped safely and all ok though.   examiner gave me a fault for it for not doing it quickly enough.   

also with the turn in the road manourvre - i didnt bump the kerb but touched it on the reverse.
as i said before - i was mega nervous and have also had a major issue at home thats upset me.   didnt expect to cock up some of the above manouvres as i normally good at them.

the rest of my driving during the test was evidently ok.

i wasnt suprised to fail (you know dont you, when failed?) but was very upset all the same.
the examiner was very nice, and was chatty on the test and gave a good debrief.   despite feeling like jacking it all in......ive now booked my next attempt for the 16th may!

today wasnt my fault i know but still feel glum about it.

ps - sorry for such a long might help others



27-04-05 17:06:23

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Re: failed part 2 was 1st attempt.

#2 27-04-05 18:41:28


Re: failed part 2 was 1st attempt.

you summed it all up yourself. we never behave as we would on a test its inevitable we try our best but nerves, and  things like the examiners expectation of making progress by getting up to 70 on the motorway made you react like you wouldnt normally if on you own.

as for the left and right reverse manouvres,they can be perfect all the time then we cock it up just when we needed it to be perfect. for some lucky blighters they may not be very good at the right reverse but pull it off on the day.

ive got my first attempt next week. i know i can do it, im to standard, however i cant plan in advance for what might happen on the day. lucks either with us sometimes or sure you will nail it on your next and hopefully final attempt and you have the advantage of already experiencing it so perhaps this will go someway to calming you nerves. im sorry that this hasnt been a good day for you, and having family probs etc on the mind cant possibly help the situation.

try and keep your chin up and keep that practice going.xx

#3 27-04-05 19:59:05

kev elliott

Re: failed part 2 was 1st attempt.

Sorry to here of your test blues, I was one of the lucky ones that managed to pass first time- Not sure if this helped but I used some techniques passed on by a tutor from the open university for helping with exam nerves they are

1. Remember that the examiner wants to pass you - nothing in the test is there to trick you.

2. Remind yourself of the work you have done - I reviewed the comments made by the tutor of the seesions - this highlighted the areas which i needed to concentrate on ie no chatting to the examiner on speed limit changes for instance

3. Prepare all documentation the night before - no last minute searches for conformation letter/driving license

4 Confirm time/location 3 times - Experience of the OU tutor a large number turn up wrong day/time/place

5 If possible go to test centre and drive around it then at least you will know the geography of the roads/carpark- it is unlikely you will know the layout + you have all  these darn driving instructors getting in your way on the day   big_smile  big_smile  big_smile

6 Arrive in good time - relax, listen to the radio anything to just take your mind off the test

7 Remember you have put the work in - this is your opportunity to show the person sat in the passenger seat just how good you actually are - I found it useful for my own peice of mind to actually tell the examiner if I had a choice of options which I was going to take - For example on dual carrige way 1 mile from junction we were going to take forward observation of two hgv close together +  traffic in lane 2 at 60~70 stated intention to remain in lane 1 to avoid any risk of holding lane 2 traffic up or having to pull in ront of the hgv's after 3 bar marker.

Long post but hope it helps and good driving for the next test


#4 28-04-05 10:22:01


Re: failed part 2 was 1st attempt.

I used Rescue Remedy to help with the nerves, Andy.  A few drops every time the butterflies in my stomach showed signs of getting out of control.  I don't know if it actually does anything, or if it's all in the mind, but at least I felt as if I was doing something positive about my nerves, and I did manage to keep them under control.

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